Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Welcome Valdrôme FRANCE Fabric

We are excited to announce our newest arrival from Provence: The beautiful Batiste Collection produced by the famous, historic design-house, Valdrôme FRANCE.

Valdrôme stands for beauty, history and quality. And we are thrilled to offer our customers a selection of Valdrôme FRANCE prints at La Cigale.

Provence nouveau. Provence authentique. Provence antique.

A Brief History of Valdrôme

At the end of the 16th century, French sailor and navigator John Valdrôme, returned from his journey to India and Persia with a bounty of richly-patterned, printed textiles called “Indiennes.” These vibrant and unusual textiles featured intricate paisley, floral, and kaleidoscopic designs created by hand using carved wood blocks and natural pigments in striking hues.

These new fabrics from the East were an instant success in France and spread like wildfire across Europe. 
Colorful Indian and Persian-inspired Valdrome prints 
In fact, demand for Indiennes was so high that craftsmen in Provence began using the Indian and Persian printing techniques to create their own fabrics and designs. Indiennes gained in popularity, especially at the 1650 Fair de St. Germaine, as the cooler, lighter Indiennes were a breath of fresh air compared to the heavy linens, wools and silks used in fashion of the day.

Textile manufacturers became threatened by the sudden success of the Indiennes, and the fabric was banned altogether, creating a booming black market for the desirable prints. Finally, in 1759, the ban was lifted and the Indiennes production in Provence flourished and evolved.

With the traditional Eastern designs in production at Valdrôme’s newly established factory in Valencia (est. 1770), Provençal artisans began travelling the French countryside, carving intricate wooden plates of pastoral scenes and floral motifs that represented their home, landscape and culture. Designs included olives, citrus blossoms, pomegranate flowers, lavender bouquets and cicadas (cigale).

And, these artisans, called “Indienneurs,” began importing rich dyes in red, indigo and golden hues of yellow made from plant juices and extracts. These design motifs and colors remain the signature style in Provençal textile design to this day.

Though the fabric-printing process has evolved since the days of wood-block printing, Valdrôme has continued to honor the rich story behind these special designs by continuing to offer the very prints that captured the imagination of Europeans and the world centuries ago.

Explore Valdrôme FRANCE at La Cigale. 

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